Love for quality

The Ragameli farm was born in 1960 and it operates on the olive market since that date. Our olive grove is situated in the province of Syracuse exactly in the area between Monte Lauro and Buccheri on a small plateau at 600 meters over the sea. It is a calcareous ground and the climatic conditions determine the perfect habitat for the cultivation of our variety of olives the Tonda Iblea which produces an extra virgin olive oil appreciated for its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. We work our olive grove in a traditional way, we use a natural fertilization without plant protection products. We also created a laboratory in Ferla (SR) in order to work and transform the article. Among our products we have three different kinds of extra virgin olive oil, pickled olives, seasoned olives and several pâtés. Tomatoes and the Ciliegino a famous tomato usually produced in Pachino (SR), hot pepper cream and some spices such as: wild marjoram, wild fennel seeds, rosemary, pepper. Handicrafts of very high quality characterized by savours and fragrances that you  can find only in the sunny lands of the East of Sicily.